Tailored 30 Days Fitness Program

The 30 days fitness program is specially designed that can be done
anytime and anywhere in JUST 10 minutes.


to get your ideal body!

Why Choose Our Program?

In this fast paced era, people are always busy with their daily tasks, They are always facing the dilemma of wanting to just stay at home and rest or head to the gym to exercise.

We recognize your struggles and rest assured, we have it planned out specially for you. Our program is tailored based on your busy schedule, to let you workout anytime and anywhere!

You won’t need to head to the gym anymore!

Our program is online based and can be done conveniently at your office or at home!
It needs just 10 MINUTES of your time!

Benifits of Our Program

Quick & Effective

1 to 1 Workout Video Guide

Patties Provided

Anytime, Anywhere

100% Result Guaranteed

By Joining Our 30 Days Fitness Program

You will get 60 pieces of our patties catered for our 30 days workout.
You will also receive a workout diary to keep track of your daily profression plus our LIMITED OOMPH Sportswear!
Besides, you will also gain FULL access to our online EXCLUSIVE 1-1 video contents by our founder.

You will also get to join our community and communicate with one another! If you have any doubts or you feel demotivated, you can get encouragement from others that are also going through the program!


I had doubts on this program at first as how is it possible to get fit with just 10 minutes? Surprisingly, my results said otherwise. I have learned a lot from OOMPH. Being fit doesn’t mean just restricting what I put in my mouth. Instead, it is important to have the right knowledge on food nutrition.


Kuan gave me the right guidance and solved my worries. Project OOMPH helped me not just in getting fit, but also gave me a clear vision of what I want. I am glad I joined this program in this 30 days. It reminded me of why I stepped into this journey back when I was 14.


I have always been lazy to prepare food for my diet, and it takes up too much time. OOMPH chicken patty helped solve this issue and it tasted really good! The first week was hard for me, but as I went on, I saw changes and went on with it. I gained knowledge on what I should and shouldn’t do during my workout and how to have a balanced diet.

Pei Fung

When I first joined, I didn’t care much. Everything changed after seeing my results after just 1 week. Project OOMPH taught me how to judge my food intake. Not only my weight dropped, my blood pressure and cholesterol level dropped as well. I became a lot healthier and more energetic, which means a lot to me as a father of 2 kids.


I did not realise how much weight I have gained during MCO as all I did was EAT. It shocked me as my weight went up to 80kg! No matter how much I try to workout, it will still bounce back. Until I met OOMPH. With the right guidance, my weight dropped from 80kg to 72kg in just 30 days. It was tough, but definitely worth it!


A few around me doubted that I would complete the program at first. Some people even think that I took weight-loss pills. But NO! It was the workout designed by OOMPH. Yes, it is a home workout. No gym, no dumbbells and no running machine. It helped me shred off about 8.7kgs.


I did not join this program to lose weight, I wanted to look lean. My very first time challenging myself to eat clean for a whole month. It was very tough when I first started, and my whole body was sore. I pushed myself forward and I’m glad that I did! The results were really satisfying! I believe, as long as you put your mind to it, you will be able to achieve it!

Jolin Tan

I never knew greens could be so delicious! My perception of it changed after joining #ProjectOOMPH! At the very start, I felt like I was being forced into something I did not like at all, as I can’t enjoy my favourite food as well as my favourite drink. I was going crazy! Thanks to Team OOMPH, they never give up on me. With their guidance, I felt like I was moving forward. I got used to working out every day and I started controlling my diet. The result was satisfying!

Tailored 30 Days
Fitness Program


  • 30 days supply of patties (60 pcs)(worth RM600)
  • Full Access to Our 1 to 1 Online Workout Guide (worth RM499)
  • Personal Score Sheet (worth RM60)


  • 30 days workout diary
  • OOMPH T-Shirt (worth RM55)
  • Free Photography Session (worth RM500)
    (Term and Conditions applied)


  • Chicken Patty/pcs – 10cm Diameter
  • Packaging/pcs – 14cm x 14cm



Mindset and Workout Calender

  • 30days QR code video
  • Mindset on body fat and health
  • Guide for choosing the right food intake
  • Daily 10min Workout guide
  • Scoring system for your body shape

Clean Chicken Breast Patty

You will get 30 days worth of patties. You will get a total of 60 pieces, as you will need to consume 2 pieces per day. The patties are catered into your everyday meal along with the program.