OOMPH Chicken Patty

Our chicken patties are made with 100% natural ingredients.
Plus, it is SGS Lab Tested!

Why Choose Our Patty?

We understand the hassle of meal prep sometimes. Our patties are specially made for you on-the-go lifestyle. It is easy to prepare, quick and tasty! This simple yet tasty meal keeps your appetite full and can also maintain your fitness goals.

It is made with 100% chicken breast and natural ingredients. Yes, it is definitely HEALTHY. Trust us, we had it lab tested! Our patties might look small, but it contains 21.5g of protein per piece!

Compact in Size but MIGHTY in Nutrients

Benefits of Our Patty


Defrost > Tear > Enjoy

Lab Tested

SGS Lab Tested

Rich in Protein

21.5g of Protein

Our patties are also:
– Hormone-Free
– Antibiotics-Free
– Good Source of Creatine
As our patties are all lab tested, the information that we provide are all based on the official report from SGS!

Nutrition Facts

146 kcal

How to Consume?

After removing it from the freezer, you can place the whole packaging into hot boiling water for a few minutes.


Tear it open and microware it for 2-3 minutes. Don’t worry, our packaging is microware safe! Why? Because it is lab tested by SGS too!

Want something different? Add it into your daily meals! As long as it is within your macros intake, you are good to go!

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OOMPH Chicken Patty

From RM39.00

  • Made with 100% chicken breast meat and natural ingredients.
  • Contains 21g of protein per piece
  • SGS lab tested
  • Hormone-Free
  • Antibiotics-Free
  • Good source of Creatine

Compact in size, mighty in nutrients.
[3 pieces] Novice Package RM38.70
[10 pieces] Fighter Package RM119.00
[30 pieces] Spartan Package RM299.00 

Chicken Patties – ~10cm Diameter
Packaging – 14cm x 14cm